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    While growing up I used to watch The Greatest Adventure: Stories From the Bible. Later, Veggie Tales came out giving the same bible stories a modern twist with some humor. I was just wondering what good Christian shows you guys allow your kids to watch? I know that the guys who did the Veggie Tales came out with a couple shows and one of them had alien penguins but other than that, Christian programs seem to be in short supply. So if you have children around ten years old, what do your kids watch?

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    I don't know the names of the shows I watched as a kid, but they were lots of them as a kid. It's a really great experience, watching visually gospels, teachings, stories, as well as learning lessons for kids. It's a great thing to grow up on, as you learn lots of stories, as well as get an advanced look at them when we had them as lessons in theology classes. So that's why it's not that odd for children to grow up not watching them, as they were basically on every channel in mornings here in the Philippines. Being a fairly religious country, it's pretty much a given in the culture.

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      We watch veggie tales too! I didn't know of any others but my little one enjoys watching Veggie Tales and even has some of the toys from the show.

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        I always loved the stories from the bible too. They were my favorite. It was my first experience of reading something and then being able to see it coming to life. It was totally amazing. Now I have a five year old daughter and she watches all the usual cartoons on tv. There does seem to be a great shortage in christian shows, and I think that the best we can do is just to monitor what they watch and ensure that the shows at least teach something about values and morals.

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          We don't watch much in the way of video recordings, though we do some. Our wee ones do enjoy Veggie Tales though. My wife and I watched them before hand and didn't find anything objectionable, so I think they are fine. And the toddler seems to like them.

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            Basically anything that had Michael Landon in it would be good, wholesome entertainment to show your children. "Little House on the Prairie" and "Highway to Heaven" provided good entertainment infused with a strong undercurrent of Christian faith and morality. Although deviating and taking poetic license to the New Testament, the first season of AD was a great show to watch with my wife and three children and brought forth a myriad of questions from my children which served to only strengthen their faith further. Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood was also one of the best Christian shows for children as well.
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