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Gay marriage is not allowed in any religion

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  • Gay marriage is not allowed in any religion

    I heard that gay marriage is not allowed in any religion. I am unable to understand that why people are interested in marrying their same sex. I think it is sin and also not acceptable by society. Marriage is a relation to keeping a male and female in a sacred relationship. Someone told me that it is a psychological disorder. We people are going against the orders by our God that is why we are facing so many problems in our lives. What is your opinion about it?

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    Well first, it is not as socially unacceptable as it once was, thanks to liberalism and the movements that have come out of it. Especially in the bigger cities.

    It is interesting that what is actually a defiance to God's intended purpose for us is considered a "psychological disorder." I guess it is another way of people trying to avoid taking ownership of their own sin.

    I do agree that homosexuality, and all the things that have stemmed from it, is a sin. But, we are in a society where this Truth is becoming more and more inconvenient.

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      Sadly, there are some liberal Christian sects that have embraced this form of rebellion and depravity. Historically, however, the Christian world was united in the notion that marriage consists of one man and one woman for life. For that matter, many sects take a pretty cavalier attitude towards divorce now, but I suppose that is off-topic.

      Anyway, there are those that claim to be Christian that call standing for Biblical marriage "being on the wrong side of history". Well, I rather that that being on the wrong side of eternity.

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        People start out by declaring that they believe in the word of God and strive as much as they can to abide by it and then some of the same people then twist around Gods word to try to justify things that God has declared to be against his will. It amazes me so much but I believe that they are only deceiving themselves. God's teachings have declared that a union between same sex is forbidden and that's the way it will always be.

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          Christianity already have sects that allows it. I remember there is a church in the US where the ministers are both gay and they are married. I think those sects decided to go with this route to get more converts.

          Iran is a country where homosexuality is punishable by death but transgenders are allowed to do what they want as a Scientist there convinced the government that being transgender is mental condition that can be only be cured by surgery.

          So there are some governments and religious sects that allows it.
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