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William's Family and Interests Album

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  • William's Family and Interests Album

    Well this really was meant as a test and I meant to include this in my profile only. But here goes, some pictures of William's family...

    Nicole and I enjoying a day at a pool. Nicole and I in Mexico Trish and I were married in 2012

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    Here's our family's beloved Abigail (Tuxedo Cat), and our decease Coco (German Shepherd).

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      Some of my hobbies. I love sound systems. I live in an apartment at the moment, but that didn't stop the plans for making a pair of speaker cabinets. Other pictures are the amps I installed in my Hyundai Sonata.

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        Some pictures I have taken over the years while out visiting various landmarks.

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          More pictures taken over the years. And some experimentation with Adobe Photoshop.
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