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Morality subjective half the time?

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  • Morality subjective half the time?

    I'm just going to get into this one, I think that half the time that morality is simply subjective. Now, that being said, I am not saying that morality in general is relative and subjective. Someone breaks into a house and kills a family of six including a baby just for fun, that is evil. I am talking along the lines of personal opinions and defense. Let's just say someone is attacking you, they are the same age of you and have no mental problems, but constantly attack you with their fists and blunt weapons. Now, the most nonviolent thing to do in the situation is simply walk away and ignore you but they persist on and continue to attack you, wanting to fight and won't live you alone and there no authority figures near by. Now, some people say it would be wrong to attack someone smaller and weaker than you while others say that it would be alright. When it comes to survival, self-defense, loved ones and your own mental and physical health, do you think that is when morality becomes invalid?

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    Is it immoral to defend myself and/or family? No. HOW I defend myself and/or family is another issue.

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      Originally posted by Clawstomp View Post
      the most nonviolent thing to do in the situation is simply walk away and ignore you
      That is the nonviolent way to respond but is it the moral way?
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        To me -- # 1 -- it doesn't sound logical that someone is simply going to walk up to another person and simply start punching at them for no reason. Something would have provoked the physical attack. Do what you can to get away. Fend off the attack with something to protect yourself and in an attempt to get away. If you're being mugged, then, by all means report it to the police. Any physical attack needs to be reported to police. If you provoked the attack, then Don't go to the police -- They might or an on-looker might call the police.

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          Originally posted by Sue D. View Post
          Something would have provoked the physical attack.
          That is usually true but not always. There are a few people who will attack someone for no reason at all.
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            In my post I included mugging because I got to realizing that lots of people Do get attacked for most any kind of reason -- rape, robbery, just because they see an opportunity for doing 'wrong' against another person. That's why police teach people to be aware of self-defense techniques. And people who Do attack other people are Not in their right mind. A 'right-minded' person doesn't act that way to other's.

            I'm thinking that this is a not a question of morality / immorality -- but rather of protection. Someone threatening you or your family. Defending yourself, yes. But not especially with deadly force. But the attacker Probably won't be intending on being stopped. He / she is Probably aiming to stop the victim and get away with it. Lots of times the attacker wins.

            It's never okay to attack another person. It's assault and is against the law. People need to learn how to manage their temper / anger and/or need to realize that physically attacking a person will land them in jail / prison. And some people are sociopaths and aren't safe in the general public.

            A person needs to be aware of their surroundings / don't go places by yourself / use Good judgement in where / when we Do go out, etc.
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