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Scottish Episcopal Church Votes to allow Gay Marriage

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  • Scottish Episcopal Church Votes to allow Gay Marriage

    In further signs that there is going to be a split in the church, the Scottish Episcopal Church voted with a two third majority to allow gay marriage in churchs. GAFCON, the conservative Anglican grouping, immediately announced they had appointed a missionary bishop to oversee any parishes that wish to remain with the Anglican communion instead of following the lead of the Scottish Episcoal Church.

    On taking up his appointment Canon Andy Lines said 'We have stuck to what Anglicans have always believed and it's others who are walking away from us.'

    The Anglican Communion is withholding action until the Primates meet in October for communion in Canterbury.
    Conservative Anglicans have announced a controversial 'missionary bishop' after the Scottish Episcopal Church became the first major UK church to legalise gay marriage.
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