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In deference to Our Lady :

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    In deference to Our Lady :

    Today, Saturday, May 30, 2015 A.D., is the 991st day in the 1,290 and 1,335 day periods of Daniel 12:11 & 12, respectively.

    There is nothing more ancient and current as these unfolding of days in the fulfillment of Our Blessed Mother's words : "One day through the Brown Scapular and the Rosary, I will save the world."

    That day of saving the world is Ascension Sunday, May 8, 2016 A.D.

    That is the day of which it is written in Daniel 12:12, "Blessed is he who waits and comes unto 1,335 days."

    Sundown of that day (after its evening and morning) shall formally begin "the age which is to come".

    Those last forty-five days though will include the fulfillment of 2 Peter 3:10-14 where the elements themselves shall ignite.

    I was once in a miraculous car collision where the vehicles and passengers passed through each other without harm to any (one description of that sort of thing is "transmutation of elements").

    That is what 2 Peter 3:10-14 is all about.

    The old world will pass away, but a new one awaits us.

      [FONT=trebuchet ms][SIZE=16px]I do not think I have ever seen a brown scapular worn by anybody who is not a monk. I do not quite get why wearing one is credited with the things that folk credit it with; I presume it is the faithful devotion to God that is the efficient cause of any blessings that one might receive but I am confident that the same faithful devotion to God without any brown scapular would also bless as much and in the same way.[/SIZE][/FONT]


        When monastic orders grew up (such as the Benedictines, Carmelites and Franciscans (although the latter are technically friars not monks (don’t ask)), they were started by men. Soon women formed similar monastic orders based on the same spirituality. For example Francis of Assisi gathered a few men around him to start the Franciscans. Soon a small group of women led by Clare wanted to follow the same rule and Frances set them up in a convent and became known as the Poor Clares. They both followed a rule of extreme poverty. The men were known as the first order and the women as the second order.

        Both orders wore simple habits over which they put a scapular. This was like a long piece of wide cloth with a hole for the head. It hung down at the front and back, usually to near the feet. It developed from the working clothes of labourer and was like the apron to cover the habit. Later it developed a hood. At night a smaller version was worn.

        Then lay people wanted to follow the rule of the order (Benedictine, Franciscan etc.) and were enrolled. They wore the full habit and scapular but lived in the world rather than a monastery. There were called third orders (or in the case of Benedictines oblates). Gradually with the third order the habits were discarded, although a person could be buried in one. For some reason the scapular was considered the most important part of the monastic vestments and so the scapular was retained, but in a much smaller form, gradually shrinking to become a two small pieces of cloth connected by two cords over the shoulders, so that one rest on the breast and one on the back.

        In some cases the connection with the original monastic order has been lost, or there never was one, but they are, as far as I know, always connected in some way to a confraternity. There is usually some kind of investiture to the confraternity and some pious practices associated with the wearing of the scapular. It is a sign of the person’s intention to follow the particular spirituality of the confraternity.

        The Brown Scapula
        The most popular is the brown scapula of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

        I found this on a

        The Scapular finds its roots in the tradition of the Order [that's the Carmelites], which has seen in it a sign of Mary’s motherly protection. It has therefore, a centuries old spiritual meaning approved by Church.

        It stands for a commitment to follow Jesus, like Mary, the perfect model of all the disciples of Christ. This commitment finds its origin in baptism by which we become children of God.

        It leads us into the community of Carmel, a community of religious men and women, which has existed in the Church for over eight centuries.

        It reminds us of the example of the saints of Carmel, with whom we establish a close bond as brothers and sisters to one another.

        It is an expression of our belief that we will meet God in eternal life, aided by the intercession and prayers of Mary.

        The Carmelite Scapular is not:
        a magical charm to protect you
        an automatic guarantee of salvation
        an excuse for not living up to the demands of the Christian life

        It is a sign:
        which has been approved by the Church for over seven centuries;
        which stands for the decision to
        - follow Jesus like Mary:
        - be open to God and to his will
        - be guided by faith, hope, and love
        - to pray at all times
        - to discover God present in all that happens around us.
        The site tells is that this is "the only official text regarding the Brown Scapular written by a joint commission of OCD’s (Discalced Carmelite Order) and OCarm’s (Carmelite Order) in 1999."

        (NOTE: The site seems to have been considerably re-organised and reduced in size since I found this and the information seems to be no longer available.)

          The coming of the Day of the Lord is not merely a numerical count and a list of prophecies.

          It is a real event, called the Great Event at the Medjugorje Apparitions.

          Our Blessed Mother has stood Her ground there since 1981 A.D., the year in which World War III began.

          Through a previous set of visitations by the Blessed Mother as the Lady of All Nations to the Belgian born Ida Peerdeman it was foretold that WWIII would last for 35 years.

          Assassination attempts on the Vicar of Christ and the President of the United States of America occurred during 1981 A.D., as well as the assassination of President Anwar el-Sadat of Egypt.

          The beginning of World War I was also marked with such an assassination.

          World War III is foretold in Ezekiel 21:14 : ". . . let the sword be doubled the third time . . ."

          The passing of the old world is also due to a legal conundrum, an incompatibility with the works of the world and the Law of God.

          The matter has come before the Court of Common Pleas in Chester County, PA, but the Court only remains one-sixth Civil, thanks only to the converted and resurrected Pontius Pilate who presided (He has a Christian surname now, too, Anthony).

          The matter was presented in no less of a travesty of injustice as was the trial of Jesus.

          The matter was presented illegally in that it included the workings of double jeopardy.

          The matter was presented out of the order of the occurrences.

          The matter included a false accusation from the prosecution as the basis of its assault.

          Perjury by the prosecution was rampant.

          Greater crimes committed by the prosecution before, during, and after the trial(s) have continued which shall cause the present heavens and earth to pass away, as Christ has said that it is easier for that to happen than for a tittle of the Law to fail; this is the basis for the necessity of the Miracle of the Brown Scapular and Rosary, or not a soul would be left.

          Jurors condemned Heaven 100%.

          Justice Anthony condemned Her two-thirds.

          The Lady of All Nations foretold that two-thirds of mankind would perish during World War III.

          That is God's Justice coming.


            Ida Peerdeman was a false prophet. I would not trust anything she said.

            Ida Peerdeman and the Lady of All Nations apparitions: True or False?

              Such link is opinion, admitted by the author.

              The great disaster, which effort is made to refute, is the turning of the world into the hands of the antichrist.

              Seen in terms of attack from the East upon the West, no provision was made by the East for peace of its final two leaders who remain in the West, and neither could they, as that peace ended was foretold in the 1500's A.D.

              There are 313 days remaining until the blessing of Daniel 12:12 is realized.

                The author is a theologian and his opinion is based on facts. I would trust his opinion more than yours.

                  He calls what you call facts, his opinion.

                  His opinion is his judgment, as is yours of his judgment.

                    Originally posted by the_sign View Post
                    He calls what you call facts, his opinion.

                    His opinion is his judgment, as is yours of his judgment.
                    If you read his analysis you will see how false she was. He presents a good case.

                    Moreover the CDF gave a negative judgement on her "apparitions"

                    A Notification "regarding [the] alleged apparitions" by the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, in the 27 June 1974 issue of L'Osservatore Romano, makes the following points, and is worth quoting in full:

                    "With regard to the alleged apparitions and revelations of 'Our Lady of All Nations', said to have taken place in Amsterdam, the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith considers it advisable to make the following declaration.

                    "On 7 May 1956, the Bishop of the Diocese of Haarlem (Netherlands), following a careful examination of the case concerning the supposed apparitions and revelations of 'Our Lady of All Nations', declared that he 'found no evidence of the supernatural nature of the apparitions'. He therefore prohibited public veneration of the picture of 'Our Lady of All Nations' and the spreading of writings which attributed a supernatural origin to these apparitions and revelations.

                    "On 2 March 1957, the same Ordinary repeated the above statement. The Holy Office, in a letter dated 13 March of the same year, praised the Bishop's prudence and pastoral concern and approved of the measures taken. Moreover, in reply to an appeal of the Bishop of Haarlem, dated 29 March 1972, the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, on 24 May of the same year, confirmed the previous decision on the matter.

                    "At the present time, following on further developments and after a fresh and deeper examination of the case, the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith confirms by the present notification the judgement already expressed by the competent ecclesiastical authority and invites priests and laity to discontinue all forms of propaganda with regard to the alleged apparitions and revelations of 'Our Lady of All Nations'. It exhorts all, moreover, to express their devotion to the Most Holy Virgin, Queen of the Universe (cf. Encyclical Letter "Ad Caeli Reginam", A.A.S. 1954, pp. 625-640) by forms which are recognized and recommended by the Church. ROME, 25 May 1974." [6]
                    Taken from an article by Donal Anthony Foley
                    Articles on Apparition Discernment

                      To show you how hasty judgment can be wrong and disproved :

                      This is the link, but we only need focus on what I've underlined :

                      The Last Pope: Examining Nostradamus and Malachy (No. 288)

                      The Reign of the Five Popes
                      This first reign after the seat was held seventeen years by Pius XI, i.e. the reign of Pius XII, was also prophesied by Nostradamus but ignored. In the same century some thirty-six quatrains earlier at C.5:Q.56 he wrote:
                      Par le décès du très vieillard pontife,
                      Sera esleu Romain do bon aage:
                      Qu’il sera dict que le Siège debiffe
                      Et long tiendra et de picuant ouvrage.

                      De Fontbrune interprets this as meaning:
                      After the very aged Pope’s death, a middle aged pope will be elected. He will be accused of harming the Holy See and will last a long time, doing controversial work.

                      Pacelli was sixty-three when he was elected in 1939 and did last longer than Pius XI, and indeed, a very long time.


                      When this interpretation was given, little did the author(s) know that John Paul II would exceed with visible proof the description "very aged".

                      Yet an entire philosophy was developed in error.

                      I've cited this writing several times in recent years, and there always seems to be something new cropping up, (or up with which to be cropping).

                      I remember word being brought to me in the 1960's A.D. that I was elected (as Pontiff) along with Paul VI (Flors Florum).

                      That "elected at the same time" was way out of order, especially with regard to the St. Malachy prophecy, and it continues to this day.

                      If one looks at the first election of Matthias, and how it has been supplanted by direct appointment of candidates, I usually conclude such straying as a sign of the "mystery of iniquity". (2 Thess. 2:7)

                      Paul VI wrote the Constitution on Divine Revelation which places Ida's revelation to be private.

                      But to attack it, based solely on the opinion of another, is far outside the graceful guideline of the non-necessity to believe it.

                      So who is really making a statement here when private revelation is attacked?


                        You want me to take the supposed prophesies of Nostradamus and Malachy seriously ?

                        Seriously, the_sign, you need to stiop this nonesense and listen to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church

                          You avoided the question.

                          There is no opinion in the Magisterium, nor in the gift of prophecy; neither is there error in either.

                            Originally posted by the_sign View Post
                            You avoided the question.

                            There is no opinion in the Magisterium, nor in the gift of prophecy; neither is there error in either.
                            I haven't avoided anything.

                            Ida Peerdeman's prophecies are condemned by the CDF. Read the quote I gave you. Follow the link.

                            I've presented the evidence. if you want to ignore it that is your perogative. But you have been warned.


                              I once was given a vision (private revelation) of Satan's mockery of the Blessed Trinity.

                              To condemn the vision (private revelation) is not a warning, only a violation against Dei Verbum.

                              What I glean from that vision is that Satan has a limited perception of God due to having less grace than he once had.
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