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Man jailed 50 years for possession of 61 ecstasy pills

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    Man jailed 50 years for possession of 61 ecstasy pills

    50 years!? wow

    Do you get the feeling that you might be getting only half the story?
    I wonder if there were deaths from the sale of those pills or they were part of a larger drug trafficking operation.

    ... and the 28 year old has TWO life sentences!

    EDIT: Correction. 28 year old Englishman got 50 years and 26 year old Australian got Life!

      More details from ABC ...

      Jake Mastroianni, 26, was arrested with Englishman Lance Whitmore in the tourist city of Pattaya in 2014 and received a double life sentence. That sentence was upheld on appeal in a Bangkok court on Wednesday.

      Whitmore was found in possession of 200 ecstasy pills during an undercover police operation. He then led police to an apartment of Mastroianni's girlfriend, where they found another 61 pills and subsequently charged Mastroianni, who had been working as a DJ in Thailand.

      Mastroianni's sentence was harsher than the 50 years Whitmore received, because unlike the Englishman, he refused to plead guilty.

      Mastroianni's Bangkok-based lawyer, Nathan Feeney of the firm Thailand Bail, said the Australian was deeply unfortunate because there was still doubt about whether the ecstasy he was charged over in fact belonged to him.
      "Jake was not in possession of the drugs, that's the important part," Mr Feeney said.
      "The police were given information that led them to the girlfriend's apartment and Jake was there when they raided the apartment."

      Mr Feeney said that because of poor legal advice Mastroianni received when he was first arrested and charged, the two quantities of pills were then combined for the indictment, which led to the Australian being charged with possession of 261 pills and exposed him to a life sentence.

        They should feel fortunate they don't live in the Philippines. With that many pills, I think that would qualify as intent to distribute? If so, I am for such hard sentences.

        God bless,

          50 years is insane

            That is a really harsh sentence. What a waste and all over drugs.
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