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Green Pool

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    Green Pool

    There was an article today about how the pools for the Olympics are turning green with algae. It's crazy to see the difference one day can make. It's amazing to consider how hot and sunny Rio has to be to grown that much algae so quickly. I'm kind of concerned for everyone's health, though I've swam in dirtier water. Though, other than aesthetic reasons, it's probably fine, but I wish the maintenance would have been done a little more professionally.
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    Originally posted by LeapOfFaith89 View Post
    other than atheistic reasons
    Don't you mean esthetic?
    Clyde Herrin's Blog

      Yup, the atheists are at fault for this little problem. Let's start that rumor.

        I can see the headlines now "Atheists Demand Clean Swimming Water! Video at 11."

          Originally posted by Knotical View Post
          Yup, the atheists are at fault for this little problem.
          I can see that. lol


            I think they could have done some prior arrangements to take care of the pool as it would pose serious health problems to those who swim there. Thanks for sharing this information.
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