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Church of England Apologizes for Rape and Torture of 100s of Young Girls Over 20 Years

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  • Church of England Apologizes for Rape and Torture of 100s of Young Girls Over 20 Years

    Catholic churches have been the butte of so many comic's jokes for years now there is a new church that wants to take its place. The Church of England has apologized for rape and torture of hundreds of young girls. I hope I never have kids, because church is quickly becoming the most unsafe place to take your kids. What makes it worse was that it was done at the Kendall House for girls and young teenagers who were placed their the Church's care. In a 147 page report, hundreds of girls were drugged, locked up, and physically and sexually abused at the church-run home. These girls had been placed their because their parents couldn't keep them in a good home but they probably would have been safer.
    The Church of England has apologized after a report was published exposing the physical and sexual abuse of hundreds of girls over a 20-year period at a church-run children's home.

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    This apology won't really change anything. All those people who did that committed a deadly sin. Moreover, their actions look like bringing a public shame on Church and Christianity. Sad, very sad. Hope this won't happen again.

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      20 years? Really? Something tells me this has probably been going on a bit longer than that. Although they will never reach the Catholic level of abuse, that spans millennia.

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        A simple apology is not going to change anything and bring the life of those girls back. If this happens in the church, the holy place itself then where on this earth then the children would be safe. This is really a shame and I feel sorry for those girls as they have been tortured for over 20 years. Shame on those guys.
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