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Floods Kills More Than 120 People In China

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  • Floods Kills More Than 120 People In China

    ''Heavy rain around China's Yangtze river basin has left 128 people dead and scores missing, Chinese media says, with more damage feared from a typhoon expected to land this week.''
    China floods leave more than 120 dead, scores missing, state media says - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
    How should we prepared for such disasters? Luckily I have never been affected by floods since I live on a highland. I pray that God gives courage to all those wrong have been affected.

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    I'll pray for the lost lives and for the missing, may they make their way home, whether that's the earthly one or in God's arms. On the plus side, the pigs got a free bath and mud bath. Preparing for any weather disaster is always guess work because it can just change directions in an instant. While I've never had to deal with flooding but I lived in Tornado Alley and we got a couple tornados that were horrifying. I remember this one time mom and I were driving home about twenty miles away from home during a storm and a tornado just landed about a mile away from us just parallel to the road. I don't remember praying harder before that moment. The only real way to prepare for a disaster is to give yourself to God and whatever his will is will be.

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      Well I hope that we can all pray for those affected by the storms. This is never easy news to take, but sometimes the Earth is an unforgiving place and it can take things from good people. I have to believe that they will end up being okay though. I have faith in those around them to step up for humanity and help out. This is the news that I want to see in the next coming days when I turn it on or read it.
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