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Kills 115, Injures Nearly 200 Others

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  • Kills 115, Injures Nearly 200 Others


    A suicide truck drove into downtown Baghdad and killed 115 people and wounded almost 200 others who were enjoying the end of Ramadan. It's been the deadliest attack in Iraq since July 2015. On a happy note, on Sunday, Joint Military Operations Command reclaimed villages south of the IS-held city of Mosul. I pray for the lost souls and the injured and hope that we will find a solution for our ISIS problem.

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    I saw this earlier today on the news and I just found myself shaking my head yet again. I wonder how many times I have had to have that very same reaction in the last year or so with all of the news that keeps coming out and events like this. It is so sad, and the state of global affairs means that these things show no signs of slowing down. I feel for all of the families of the victims and I hope that they can find peace somehow.

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      Authorities have confirmed that those who died are more than 165 people by now. I am sometimes shocked to realise that this is the world that we living in. Instability in the Arab countries has risen and nobody can predict what will happen ten years from now. We pray that God helps those who have been affected by the attacks.

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        Look at what Muslims will do to each other because they belong to different sects — kill each other. Are those who kill others because they believe they are right "brothers" and "sisters" of Christians as the Pope said not too long ago. Terrorists are responsible for this but I'm sure a Shia terrorist group wouldn't hesitate to kill Sunnis if they could.

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          The same type attack happened yesterday in Nice, France. 84 people are reported to be dead, as of yet. The number may become bigger as the time goes. May God bless these victims. They shouldn't be lying in graves right now :(
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