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The truth about the Student suspended after bringing digital clock to school

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    The truth about the Student suspended after bringing digital clock to school

    A 14-year-old Muslim student, Ahmed Mohamed, was suspended from school, and arrested, after school officials mistook his purportedly homemade clock for a possible bomb. The national media reacted with outrage over the injustice done to this boy. The media claimed he was a victim of racism and Islamaphobia. Obama invited the boy to the Whitehouse and celebrities lined up to support the boy.

    Did the school act against this boy because of his brown skin and religion? This kind of thing happens to white Christian boys all the time. Last year, a 7-year-old was suspended from school after he nibbled a Pop Tart into the shape of a gun. A Boy Scout in High School was suspended from school after common scouting equipment was discovered in his car. But, in these cases, there was no Whitehouse invitation nor was the media spreading hysteria the school acting in racism and anti-Christian bigotry.

    What evidence to Liberals have that this time the school acted with racism, instead of typical public school bureaucratic incompetence? What evidence other than the Liberal’s own prejudice? And, If Liberals really wanted to stop schools from acting with such stupidity, they would support School Choice. When schools have to compete for students, they’ll be a lot more careful about suspending students recklessly in compliance with obtuse zero-tolerance policies.

    For the record, what the boy brought to school wasn’t a homemade clock. If those hate-mongering Liberals in the media were paying any attention to their own photos, they would have recognized the clock as the guts of a late 1970s digital clock. How could they not distinguish 1970s commercial electronics from 2010s do-it-yourself electronics? The Liberal media acted with stupidity and hate. At least the school only acted with stupidity. I can see how the dirty case mounting of the clock might have gaven school officials ideas of some sort of improvised small briefcase bomb, ala the movies, by supplying room for a concealed (when closed) payload.

    Red LED display. Machine soldered, large circuit board. Large AC transformer and power cord. 9V clip for battery backup. Ribbon cables. These are just a few of the clues of commercial 1970s electronics.

    Here's a modern kit to make a homemade clock. If a kit wasn't used, the clock would still have looked similar to the kit, except a breadboard would have replaced the printed circuit board, and a LCD panel might have bee used for the display. This fits in the palm of your hand.
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