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California Becoming a Sanctuary State

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  • California Becoming a Sanctuary State

    California Senate approves ‘sanctuary state’ bill – TheBlaze

    There goes federal funding for any future disasters. This state is going to tear itself apart.

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    I think that for once California has made the right decision. Most immigrants are in the country to find jobs and earn a living. As long as they don't violate other laws besides their illegal entry into the country they should be given the opportunity to remain here legally and become citizens.
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      Quite honestly I hope it is just a temporary approach to handle a problem that will be going through a long term fix. The immigration system in this country has been broken/mismanaged for quite some time. It is certainly one thing to come here to find work, and a better life for one's family, but anyone wanting to come here to cause problems should always be sent back.

      The problem with this approach is the potential that should we require federal assistance due to a disaster, like the Oroville Dam situation, we would be without that aid because of the short sighted actions of our state leaders.

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        This state will be like Chicago and Detroit and other run down Democratic areas in no time.

        God bless,

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          If this actually gets passed, along with SB18, I would welcome Calexit. Then we would be able to split up the state, since the conservatives, who have already had enough of Sacramento not adequately representing them, will likely start making smaller states out of California. We may very well end up with a six way split as some people have mentioned in the past.
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