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Another Vote Postponed

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    Another Vote Postponed

    Well, it happened again. Another vote to repeal Obamacare (the ACA) was "postponed," though it was really cancelled as the GOP was unable to garner the support they required to pass the bill. Which is a very good thing in my view as this bill would have done nothing to get rid of what is wrong with Obamacare. It is really quite disappointing to see the Republican leadership seemingly ignoring the wiser voices amongst them (Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and others) and just repeat the bill altogether and take a good long look at the real problem with rising healthcare costs: Pharmaceutical companies. That's right, when it costs an exorbitant amount of money for what seemingly should be relatively inexpensive, from devices used for treatment to drugs. The government needs to stop enabling these companies to jack these prices into the rafters. This is what drives up costs, not the health insurance companies. Health insurance is merely a way to be able to afford paying for healthcare, and a cause for high costs. High premiums is merely a symptom of the real problem. Get rid of the FDA, or overhaul it, and stop putting monopolies on certain drugs and only allowing a select few companies from manufacturing it. Martin Shkreli is just one of many of his kind. Drug companies should be competing against each other, not colluding with each other. Stop forcing out smaller companies that have found cheaper, more efficient ways of making medical devices. And stop making it nearly criminal for people to use holistic treatments, especially when the "FDA approved" alternatives are more harmful.

    Just my 2 cents.

    I agree with you to an extent but there is a definite problem with dumping Obamacare without a backup plan in order.
    As I understand it, there are 11 million or so people who are presently covered under the original plan who would be without health insurance should Obamacare be repealed en total and all at once.
    They have to be able to slide into another plan without disruption or keep their existing course of action.
    The dems are already saying that repealing the existing plan will kill some sick folks out there so I can see some of the reluctance by the GOP.

    In my humble opinion, they should temporarily forget Obamacare, open up the free market for insurers with no state border limits attached and then watch the government run insurance plan simply disappear or get very competitive. The only caveat I can see is the pre-existing clause but just like flood insurance in Florida, it can remain as a federal insurance plan rather than a very expensive private plan.

    The good thing thus far, is the reapealing of the mandate to have Obamacare and the sequential fining and collecting by the IRS for not having it. But this too has its failings on the small business level but that's a whole other nut to crack.

      The thing about coverage for pre-existing conditions is that it was only the privately purchased plans that did not cover this, when someone was obtaining it as an individual. When signing up under a group there was always coverage for pre-existing conditions. However, there will be no drop in premiums if the cost of health care stays where it is, which means pharma companies need to start actually competing with each other which will ultimately result in costs coming down.
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