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Prosecution Maybe?

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  • Prosecution Maybe?

    Not sure if I completely agree, kind of think they are being optimistic about how uncorrupt about our government. They both are logical in their approach to the subject and they have good knowledge about the subject. What do you think? Could they be right or are they being optimistic?

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    Hillary Clinton is above the law... apparently. Every time they take her to task for something she's done, something that any GOP candidate would get crucified for, she manages to squeak through as golden. There has to be an incredible amount of under-handed stuff going on there, but she somehow manages to keep herself free from prison bars and such. No, I truly doubt that Hillary will ever be prosecuted for her indiscretions as she just seems to have too many expensive lawyers in her hip pocket.

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      Apparently the law is for the "common" people. The rich and powerful can do anything they please and get away with it as long as they have a friends in the White House. As long as Obama, Lorretta Lynch and others are on her side, Hillary is immune to prosecution.

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        The problem is certain positions in government are given immunity, but as laws tend to be adapted and interpreted so widely there is no definitive these days. There is corruption in governments worldwide, and some will be held accountable and others won't. It's a sad trait of human nature in some people, but if they did wrong knowingly then they will have to live with that for the rest of their lives. Guilt can eat away at people eventually.

        There are many in the judicial system that get away with things because they all support one another. What I would say, is that one must look at the harm it causes; if it doesn't cause actual harm is it worth pursuing? That's more philosophical because in reality as much as we strive for a just society, injustice will slip through and exist.

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          It is possible nothing will happen to her unless it is forced by the people/citizens. Obviously the "justice" system is extremely broken and corrupt, some other alternative will have to been pursued in order for her to actually experience a consequence for her actions.

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            I believe it is simply too difficult for some people to totally absorb how this level of corruption can go unchecked in our government. She's not gonna be prosecuted. There was never hope for her to be prosecuted. The place to voice your disgust with this is the voting booth in November, provided there is some saving grace to stop her corruption there.

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              Hillary Clinton is a CIA, Rockerfeller funded, Bilderberg groomed, globalist puppet. Hillary Clinton is without a doubt the most corrupt Presidential candidate in the history of this country. We live in a imperfect world so why do expect the law to be perfect. The level of corruption is rampant in politics, our courts, our judicial system, our schools, and on and on and on. Hillary Clinton is being back by globalist money by Goldman-Sachs and other global mega banks who fund our Presidents. Always remember that this world is ruled not by politicians, but by bankers. Bankers rule the world and especially our politicians and elected officials. I will not be surprised if Hillary never gets indicted.
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