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Opinions on College?

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  • Opinions on College?

    So, I am just go to get right into it. Do any of you feel that college is a necessary to be successful and in this day and age worth it? I am current college student now but I can't help but to feel like even if I do apply myself in college and get a job for experience, it won't really help me get the career that I need. I want to be a screenwriter as well as produce successful and exciting books. I am currently writing my own online novel right now and plan on using the services of Fiverr to help get it proper advertisements. I know college is very important if you plan on becoming a doctor, lawmaker, policeman or etc. However, I can't help but wonder i the same logic applies to all careers. In this day and age we have the internet where you can publish books online, profit from gaming and gain plenty of attention online and even on the news. I even seen gamers and bloggers on interviews and on television. So, what is you opinion on college?

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    I'm glad that I went to college. Most places overseas require at least a 4 year degree (in any field) to teach conversational English.
    Without that degree I probably wouldn't be where I am now even though my major has really nothing to do with my occupation.

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      It is true that it is not a formula for success, and that maybe it is not that important to finish a college to make something out of your life, but I also think that depends on the person, and especially the country the one lives in. I think that in any case, it is very good that you are studying and finishing college because, if everything else fails, you will still have your college diploma and that will help you at some point, when you are looking for a job or something like that, even though it is not a guaranteed job or anything.

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        Whether college is needed or not depends a lot on what kind of work you are interested in. I dropped out of college after one year and have generally had no problem finding jobs, but of course some occupations were impossible for me. I am retired now so I don't have to worry about either college or working.
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          It completely depends on the person and their situation. Some people don’t need it at all and have no problem finding a steady and good job. College isn’t for everyone, I have friends that have dropped out and are doing good. But some benefit from a degree. I’m also a college student and have faced the same doubts, but for me right now attending college is the right move. In my area most work requires you have some sort of degree. You just have to know what’s best for you.

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            It looks like you've gotten some good advice here. Writing can be a tough way to earn a living, especially now that we live in an age where almost anyone can write and get published. I think Fergus is right.....even if being an author is your goal, it might be a good idea to have a degree as a fallback....just in case.
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