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'Sickness' vs Evil?

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  • 'Sickness' vs Evil?

    Something that came up in another thread was the question of whether someone who commits monstrous acts is evil or sick.

    There's a school of thought that says that they would have to be sick to perform those acts, and therefore because they are sick the person is not responsible for them. The collorary is that therefore they must be 'treated' instead of punished and then returned to society.

    I disagree, because even if they are sick, if they were really cured they should understand how bad what they did was and why they are in jail. I've seen and worked with too many people who did evil not because they were sick, but because they personally gained from it.

    So do you think that a person can truly be evil, or whether evil acts simply mean they are sick?

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    According to the Bible we are all evil. We can be taught to live as if we are good, but none of us has to be taught how to be evil. We are all responsible for the evil acts that we do.
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      Building upon what theophilus said, the Bible clearly states that we are evil because of sin. The Bible explains how sin in its nature is evil and the devil himself is evil and uses temptation to draw us into sin and more evil. Without Jesus and his salvation, we are all just evil people and can do nothing on our own to remove that evil. In human eyes, our sin may be viewed as 'sick', but in God's eyes our sin is evil.

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        The only time we can truly not be responsible for our actions is if we are unable to control them due to some sort of mental illness. That being said, I do feel that defense is used way too often, though it really doesn't matter in the end as God knows who is who and what is in their hearts.

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          Mental illness is not like a physiological illness. People with personality disorders got to that point by solidifying brain circuitry by thinking in evil ways for months/years.
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