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Too Cute!!!

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  • Too Cute!!!

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    They are more then cute. Both are enjoying completely. It is really a stress buster to watch such wonderful and beautiful creatures of nature. I a requesting everyone to protect wild life.

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      They are adorable! Animals just being themselves can be so adorable and entertaining. Humans can really learn a thing or two by watching animals.

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        Elephants are majestic creatures and I really love them! I remember seeing one video wherein the elephants helped a man who was drowning and at first, the man got scared because he thought that the elephants might hurt him or crush him where in fact, they were there to help him. Such adorable and lovely animals :) That's why I feel sad seeing them being hurt and beaten in some countries just for a show or to do work for people :(

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          They are super cute. And they are really enjoying that bath so much. Elephants are awesome creatures and they have such a helping tendency like Jasmin Cottontail told. It's a pain seeing them in roads and hunting and hurting them because of their homes are being demolished and destructed for our well being. :(

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            Cute and playful elephants you have there. A unique sight I must say I am not sure to have seen elephants this cute and catching good fun. This is more common a scene with dogs. That said, the small pool is gorgeous and soft on them, a perfect match.
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