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  • How would you deal with this

    I work at a top company in my country and we are always very busy. Everyday there alot of challenges to go through.I'm responsible for engineering data collection and I also deal with some production equipments. These responsibilities are so huge but they've given me a co worker. However, he does nothing but chat about Superman and Batman. Other times he is talking about aliens and other movie creatures. The job is so overwhelming but this guy is always at summer time. If I report him to the boss my working will be a nightmare. How do you deal with such situations as a Christian?

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    The first step in resolving any problem with a person should be to talk to that person. Have you told him how you feel about the way he works? Actually, before talking to him it would be good to spend some time praying for him and asking God to make him open to accept what you say.
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      There are a few things you can do in relation to this situation. To build on what theophilus has said, you can have a face-to-face conversation with your coworker and let them know that there really is a time and place for non-work related topics, but there is also time where you need to get things done, and them engaging you in non-work related topics is having a bad affect on your productivity.

      In addition to that, if you are not already doing this, I would track/document what is expected/required of you and what you are actually able to accomplish. That way when your boss comes to you and asks how things are going you can show them. Ultimately, if they are not a good worker they will end up putting themselves out of a job, or they will turn around and actually become more productive.

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        My suggestion would be to talk to him in a polite way and make him understand how you feel without hurting his feelings. Or else talk a little about superman stuff and yu gradually change the topic and make him get interested in your work that you guys do. Good luck.

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          If i were you i would not let this go on, it has clearly affected you mentally and phyiscally. Your coworker was hired for a reason, your job is not to cover for him, this situation will only make your work life stressful and it could lead to you making mistakes. My advice would be to report him to your boss so HR can take the necessary actions.
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