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Has Bible Camp changed since you've grown up?

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    Has Bible Camp changed since you've grown up?

    My little brother really wants to go bible camp and mom won't pay for it because of last year. The church we went to was really into helping starving children on the other side of the world in Mali and somewhere else. So instead of spending the week studying about Jesus or the bible, the church made the kids spend three-fourths of the time filling bags with food and other goods. I don't mind this, most of the kids would have been happy to do this. But the church charged eighty bucks to have the kids sort, measure, and bag food for a whole week. Then to add to it, there was a competition among the 'teams' to see who could raise the most money outside of camp for the church. So the kids spent the time making money for the church instead of reading the bible. Most of the kids remember how much money they made more than the scripture they were supposed to memorize. I get that this teaches kids the act of performing works but I don't think they should have to pay eight bucks to do it.

    So mom is hesitating paying it again because she didn't think he learned anything about God and doesn't consider it an investment. She also doesn't like how money driven last years was. I have to agree. When I was younger, I lived in a small town and all the churches pitched in to create a free event, paid for with tithing money, for all the kids in town. We did crafts, played games, and usually and the book of James or a whole chapter memorized in just a couple days. But I'm torn because my brother wants to go hoping that it's better this time. I just don't know with this church though. I'm thinking about offering to go camping for a week and just bringing food and a bible. Then he can do something fun and learn about the bible too. What are your thoughts?

    Any instruction in the Bible should include studying what the Bible says and finding ways to put into practice what you learn. Having the students spend time filling bags of food for others in a good thing, but if your description is accurate they man have spent too much time at this and too little and studying the Bible. Sometimes it is hard to strike the right balance between studying the Bible and practicing it.
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