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Are women more religious than men?

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  • Are women more religious than men?

    Some academics claim that women are more religious than men, especially in Latin America. The way they explain this, is that women become more religious in order to maintain a family and to influence men to behave properly by avoiding drugs, abusing drinks etc and becoming more productive members of society. (article from the Economist about this)

    So what do you think? Is this true? Is it only specific to Christianity and Latin America?

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    I don't believe that women are more religious than the opposite sex. Both have moral frailty. I know there are people who are more religious, i mean religious in their own ideas.Just as there are good women and there are those who have departed from the paths of virtue.Yet, both are children of God. When God puts his hand to a man or a woman, however worthless they maybe, God can make them very valuable to his service.

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      I don't know that here women are more religious than men. I don't really think there's much of a gender difference at all - I think it's a very individualized thing, just like all our relationships with God are.

      I don't know about Latin America a great deal, but would you say it's more of a matriarchal society? Maybe if that's the case, it could explain why the women take the lead perhaps when it comes to faith and religion for their households.

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        I think it all depends on the situation. If the relationship evolves that way over time, then yes, it is possible for the woman to be the most religious of the two. If the man isn't the religious leader of the household, then someone should be... if for no other reason than to bring up the children (if they exist) in the ways of the Lord. Since the man is the head of the woman and the woman is the head of the children... she definitely needs to be aware and concerned for, their religious upbringing. If there are no children involved, then she needs to be concerned for not only her own well-being, but that of her husband as well. I think most women are natural nurturers, especially if they are brought up by the same, so they have a natural instinct to protect family members and that can include religion and faith.

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          I don't know why it is this way, but in the US it seems that women are more religous than men. I don't think it has to be this way as we all have the capacity to be spiritual. I would like to see more religous and moral men.

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            I believe that unless you know every single Christian on earth, there is no way to accurately prove that one is more religious then the other. You cannot take a poll of 100 people and if majority of them are women, then those results do not coincide with millions of other followers. This is not a thought only applied to this subject. I can be applied to all polls and studies done in any country as every one of those polls and surveys are not accurate.

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              There really is no way to accurately gauge how "religious" someone is. I know people who appear religious but aren't pious at all. For them religion is some sort of facade they use to manipulate others. That's why I don't take studies of this sort seriously. Only God can search and examine the hearts and minds of His servants and those who claim they are.

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                I don't think that it's so much that woman are more religious but that they are more obvious about it. If you don't consider the extra years that women live compared to men, likely hood of this being true when a woman is religious. At least in the churches that I go to, woman are more active about wanting to get together after church at eat together for lunch and dinner to talk about the service, or during the week meet for coffee. When I go to Starbucks there are always a couple groups, of various ages, of woman talking about Christianity. Men do it too, but not as prolifically. Men on the other hand get their socializing through sports and barbecues. I think women used religion to socialize and get together while men are more prone to do it privately. I don't think it's just a Christianity or Latin American thing. Even in the strictest societies, most societies allow women to get together under religious circumstances, so religion has been a means of freedom. Also historically, if a girl didn't want to marry and have children, or couldn't, she could become a priestess or a nun and live for her religion.
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