Identical Twins Will Be Born Four Months Apart

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    Identical Twins Will Be Born Four Months Apart

    Amber James

    Holli Gorveatt was thrilled to be pregnant with twins, but when she went into labor early, doctors realized that the babies shared a single placenta.In order to save the babies’ lives, doctors delivered baby Link — who weighed just 1 lb., 2 oz. when he was born 23 weeks into his mother’s pregnancy. Meanwhile, his identical brother Logan is still in their mother’s womb, and his due date is January 26, 2016!

    For now, the parents remain hopeful and remain by Link’s side at the NICU at EvergreenHealth Medical Center in Kirkland, Wash. Link is very fragile though, so even his parents can’t hold him. Their only contact is through the incubator.

    “I get emotional when I see him sometimes,” Holli told KOMO News. “Holding his hand, there’s some times when it gets pretty tough in there. But you want to watch him and even sitting in the room with him is awesome.”

    Gorveatt is on bed rest until Logan’s birth, though she may not go full term. But if the identical twins are born four months apart, there’s a chance they’ll make the Guinness World Records for the longest amount of time recorded between the births of twins.

    Please SHARE this story to send your thoughts and prayers to the Gorveatt family.

    Mysterious Medical Miracles! Awesome.

      I realize that the second twin, has by now, been born so I'm going to have to look it up to see how this little family is doing now. I wonder if the first baby is the same size and weight as the second, even after all that struggle, or if he has a little catching up to do? It's amazing what can now be done for the tiniest babies to save them from certain death, when even just a few years back, that technology wasn't available. It must be rewarding working with these tiny ones in the medical field, watching the struggle to survive, and feeling the victory along with that family when the little one leaps his hurdles.

        The Spin Doctor | Link and Logan Gorveatt Archives - The Spin Doctor

        The second brother was delivered. I'm glad they both made it. Hopefully the first twin will grow into a healthy adult despite having to be removed from his mother so early. This made me very happy that they both survived though. On the plus part, the identical twins will probably share everything but a birthday, twice the cake.

          Late to the party with this, but what a fascinating story. My husband is a twin so I will have to share this story with him - it's very interesting that one was born so early on, but they are still twins!

          So glad that BOTH babies were born and are healthy now. And yes - double the cake is a wonderful reason to celebrate! :)

            Well God is certainly a clever and mysterious artist sometimes. He certainly makes things interesting, but I am so glad that both are happy and healthy, and I really had no idea that this was even possible. I bet that was a real roller coaster of emotions that the poor woman had to go through in all of that time, but it seems like she rewarded quite well. Gotta love the positive and uplifting stories when you can get them. Thanks for sharing.
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