Christian candidate barred from all-Muslim hustings in Bradford

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  • Christian candidate barred from all-Muslim hustings in Bradford

    With the election is a few weeks, this just hit the news. Bradford West has an event being held to meet the candidates, but only the two female Muslim candidates have been asked to speak, representing two of the leftwing parties. The third major candidate, the Conservatives' George Grant, has been excluded.

    Naz Shah, Labour’s current MP for the ward and one of the candidates invited to speak has also joined him in condemning the exclusion: 'We told the organisers we expected them to invited all the candidates,' a spokesman told Christian Today. 'We do not want to see any dividing lines.' To her credit she asked that Mr Grant, who was in the audience, be given a chance to speak and walked out on the debate when the organisers refused (Telegraph and Argus).

    The Muslim Women’s Council are denying the event was a hustings, but inviting the representatives of two main parties and not the third, is a hustings in everything but name. If they had invited them to speak on seperate dates or events, there would not have been a problem.
    A row has erupted in Bradford after Christian candidate has been barred from an all-Muslim election hustings.
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