A Preacher Woman was murdered in the capital city of Nigeria.

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  • A Preacher Woman was murdered in the capital city of Nigeria.

    A woman that was propagating the gospel was recently murdered in the north center part of Nigeria which is the capital city. The person that gave the information said it was an act by those of the opposite religion, the muslims. But whoever they are my only prayer is that they come to the realization of their need for a saviour as a result of their act. That they meet with God as Saul of Tarsus in the scripture. And be used mightily for the advancement of the kingdom here on earth. I am not sadden by the woman's death because I know she is with our saviour with her crown of life. And also that this news will further fall to the furtherance of the God. Blessed are those that are persecuted for the sake of righteousness.

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    Persecution or any attempt to scare Christians as a means of stopping the spread of Christianity has never worked. When Nero was persecuting Christians, all he did was make Christianity spread more. And today, those who are doing the work of the devil shall also not win as Jesus said,
    "And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.”
    Whoever is fighting against the LORD and the work He wants done will lose.

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      I will pray for her, her family, and her town who had lost an important teacher. Hopefully, people will open their eyes and see Islam for what it is. There is not end to their destruction of everything that isn't them.

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        Rest in peace, this ongoing persecution has to stop. I truly wish that we would just have peace around the world. We need law and order and prosperity again and this madness to end.

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          I wish the woman rest in peace, but no matter the persecution Christianity will continue to grow stronger.

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            May God's will be done now until forever strengthening us like her and the veil upon unbelievers be removed. In Jesus name' amen

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              Christian persecution by Muslims has been rampant recently though it has been there for a long time. In countries like Nigeria it started as a Civil war and the terrorist s took advantage of the created enemity between Christians and Muslims. The whole of Islam is not bad it's just some of their teachings that are misinterpreted. Some people around the world always want wars and the differences between the two religions give them a reason to fight. May the Woman rest in peace and may the grace of God be with her family.
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