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Couple Who Believe in Faith-based Healing Convicted of Killing Son by Not Giving Him Medical Care

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    Couple Who Believe in Faith-based Healing Convicted of Killing Son by Not Giving Him Medical Care

    An Oregon couple who believes in faith healing has been convicted of second degree manslaughter for neglecting to give their infant son proper medical attention.


    9 hours with a home birth (I assume a home birth) is not very long.

    If the child had been born in a hospital and the doctors could begin treating immediately, that is one thing and I could see a 99% chance of success at treatment. But if the child was born at home without medical attendants, uneducated parents cannot be expected to know what doctors know or to recognize signs of such an infection, or know how easy it is to treat. Even if they did not hold such extreme religious beliefs and sought treatment there is a good chance they would not have sought it for hours after the birth and then how certain would the cure have been by then? While I don't agree with the parents extremism, I find the action of the court in this is unconscionable imho and more an assault on faith than a true desire to protect children.


      The article made me think about the parable of the Good Samaritan. Of course I was replacing an Inn with a Hospital because there were no hospitals back then, and thus reflected in the spirit of Matthew 25:36 which inspired many Christians to build hospitals. I think the church in question has bought into the popular notion that there is a war between science and religion. And unfortunately, we have read about a real causality.

      Members of Followers of Christ Church believe that getting medical care is a sign of weak faith.
      A pride issue?

      God bless,
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