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Scientists find evidence of geothermal heating under Antarctic ice sheet

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    Scientists find evidence of geothermal heating under Antarctic ice sheet

    The West Antarctic Ice Sheet has been under recent fire from rising global temperatures, shedding much of its mass into the Southern Ocean in the form of liquid fresh water. According to a report from UPI, that’s not all the ice sheet needs to be concerned about – scientists have just detected a surprising amount of heat being applied to the ice from geothermal activity below.

    Using a deep probe, scientists took measurements of the flow of heat in the sediments underneath the ice sheet. They were shocked to find that the amount of heat flowing upward from the crust was much higher than they expected.

    Despite the heat given off by the ground below the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, the recent massive losses suffered by the top of sheet have little to do with geothermal activity.

    According to professor Andrew Fisher of the University of Santa Cruz, the geothermal heat flux is nothing that the ice sheet hasn’t been dealing with since it formed.

    Nonetheless, it could help explain why the ice sheet is so unstable on the top of the ground. Excess heat from sources like climate change can push the ice sheet around, but it seems to have been sitting on unstable ground the whole time.

    The geothermal heat flux clocked in at 285 milliwatts per square meter, which is equivalent to the heat emitted by a single Christmas light each square meter.

    The finding makes performing models on ice melt to predict how it might affect sea level rise all the more difficult, but it is an important factor to consider when assessing the risks posed by rising sea levels.

    Stratcat Thought you may find this rather interesting. Surprised you haven't commented as of yet!

    God bless,

      It is interesting. Global warming is not happening, but the topic isn't science; it's politics treated like a religion.

        " the form of liquid fresh water." And heat from "below". Sounds like this is from the recent discovery of water found beneath the earths crust, near the mantle? Reminiscent of Genesis 7:11 when "...all the fountains of the GREAT deep burst open..." (Emphasis added)

          It's funny, or(tragically) ironic, it seems that for the secular scientific community, making discoveries is detrimental to there cause. And although they are "shocked" to find what they weren't expecting, they readily seek to explain it away, after one test? (The opposite of science)
          But, God has left His truth all around to be discovered, that some may indeed turn their eyes towards His Word and believe. Say for instance, the flood account in Genesis. Maybe some or one will reconsider and revisit what they once thought to be so obsurd, at least feasible now?
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            The Earth's core is estimated to be about as hot as the surface of the sun (fun fact). Knowing the Earth is toasty warm, how could there not be some geothermal heating? BTW, this core temperature is also much hotter than scientists estimated a few years ago.
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