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Alabama Town Removes Christian Flag after Atheist Complaint

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  • Alabama Town Removes Christian Flag after Atheist Complaint

    A town in Alabama has removed a Christian flag that was flying outside its police station after an atheist group sent a letter of complaint.


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    More gutless wonders. Will they never cease? It amazes me how something they view as foolish fables from non intelligent people can be so exasperating to these people. If what we believe isn't real, why should it offend them? Answer: they are being convicted by someone they claim they don't even believe in. Hypocrites, too. Ever hear of the band "Bad Religion"? My son has a tee shirt with a cross with a line through it, which is the band's logo. I dared him to wear a shirt with an Islamic symbol with a line through it. I got no answer. If that town flew a Muslim flag, it'd still be flying.

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      I'm not sure the removal of Christian symbols from public property is a bad thing. For the most part governments have rejected Christian standards of right and wrong. It would be hypocritical for them to continue to display Christians symbols.
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        Like saying we are a Christian nation, though anymore, we are not. The trouble is when one removes something, it creates a vacuum where something else was, and it would have to be less than Christian, taking its place. In fact this has happened with peoples' beliefs and behavior. Case in point, we as a nation have replaced Christian values with anti-christian values already. Most churches have replaced the truth of scripture with false doctrine and practices. What flag will replace the Christian flag? Flags are there to remind us of who we are as a nation, state, whatever. We are at the point of apostasy and calling good bad and bad good. The positive from this is that the Bible says this will happen, and it is happening, thus proving the truth of the scriptures again.
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