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Judge threatens to take Christian grandmother's business, home and savings

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    Judge threatens to take Christian grandmother's business, home and savings

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    A state judge ruled this week that Washington floral artist and grandmother Barronelle Stutzman must provide full support for wedding ceremonies that are contrary to her faith. The court claims that her faith-based decision to refuse to provide floral designs for a homosexual marriage violated Washington law. Read full story at OneNewsNow.

    In essence, a judge has told the Christian florist she is entitled to her beliefs - but not to act on them!

    The court also ruled recently that both the state and the same-sex couple, who each filed lawsuits against her, may collect damages and attorneys' fees not only from her business, but from Stutzman personally. That means the 70-year-old grandmother may lose not only her business, but also her home and savings because she lives her life and operates her business according to her beliefs.

    Barronelle is standing firm, despite the 3-year battle against anti-Christian bigotry. In 2012, when she declined to support a homosexual marriage, word spread quickly on gay social media. Before the couple would file a complaint, the state's attorney general sued Barronelle’s business and, in an unprecedented move, Barronelle personally.

    Through it all, she has remained strong in her faith and Christian resolve.


    Barronelle Stutzman needs to know fellow Christians are standing with her and praying for her.

    AFA has prepared this LETTER OF PRAYER SUPPORT for Barronelle. I encourage you to sign the letter to Barronelle and let her know she is not sharing the burden alone.

    Please sign the letter and share her story with others by forwarding this email and posting it to your Facebook page today!
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