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The Muslim Refugee Crisis in Europe

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  • The Muslim Refugee Crisis in Europe

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    Okay, maybe things are different in Calais, but I have feedback from friends who have visited the migrant-refugee hotspots in Greece and live in the surrounding areas and they say that there have been very minimal criminal occurences. No rapes and assaults though, only burgling into houses and stealing first aid and survival items, like food, clothes and blankets. And those burglaries mostly happen in ill-organised hot spots where there are groups of certain people who grab various goods and try to sell it to other migrants-refugees. Basicaly they steal from Greeks to rip off their own people and make profit for themselves. These attempts are usually ceased by military and police enforcement but are not possible to eliminate completely.

    Also among the migrants-refugees there are many christians and jewish people, from minorities of the middle east. All of these people are stuck at the closed borders just like their muslim compatriots. Many people were crying in despair because they spent all their savings to escape war and are now stuck in the middle of nowhere with no prospect of making anything close to a living.

    There weren't any riots inside the cities of Greece, more like peaceful demonstrations, because afterall they wouldn't want to get deported from a country that houses and feeds them. Most people are women and children and newborns. People who have volunteered at the hotspots tell me that most of the refugees are very cooperative, polite and civilised and speak english very well. They ask about the global news, like what's going on back in the middle east with the ceasefire and whether the borders will be closed forever. There are few exceptions of idiotic and barbaric people, but whenever they act out other refugees will immediately stop them.

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      It's funny to me that there was a time in Germany when the Syrian migrants were being treated like heroes. There were applause and the Germans in general were very generous with their donations. I was shaking my head upon seeing the news clip not because of unbelief but what's in store for the refugees in the days to come. Apathy cannot be avoided when jobs and other opportunities are being snatched by the refugees from the citizens. Governments will be of no help to the situation unless they have a no nonsense program for the refugees particularly if they number in the thousands.

      We have witnessed the refugee crisis in the 1970s when the Vietnamese exodus called boat people were rescued by US warships and brought to the Philippines for processing. My husband was residing just a few hundred meters away from the refugee center. He had seen how Filipinos were so indifferent to the Vietnamese up to the point of harming them (when the Viets would go out of the refugee center). Fortunately, the processing took less than 5 years and from what we know, those Vietnamese refugees have all been brought to America.
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