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    I know illuminate theories are usually looked at as irrational and unintelligent, but I do think they point to something.

    I don't think there is an Illuminati, at least not the same fraternity from ages ago, but there seems to be something. The all seeing eye symbolism is hard to ignore, and media is full of wizards, sorcerers and occult things. Why though? If you do just a brief study you'll find that there's nothing cute or fun about occult practices, just disturbing, so why would someone think to use such things knowing what they are?

    But it doesn't really matter if there's a secret society or not, wickedness is wickedness. I was just curious to see what you guys think about it. Also, I've spent way to much time in the past looking in to this stuff, it's fruitless. If you're like I was, please don't waste your time and put that focus on Christ and making real progress in fighting darkness by sharing the Gospel.


    Satan and his demons have been at work in the world since it began leading people to reject God and follow evil. He was successful with Adam and Eve and ever since then he has had no trouble finding people willing to follow him. Perhaps you could refer to these evil spiritual forces as the Illuminati. There are always human organizations carrying out Satan's work but I doubt if there is a single organization that has served him throughout history.
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      I laugh out loud when I hear these references to intellectuals and intellectualism, because I know that if these people were, in fact as intelligent as they claim to be they wouldn't need to relate it to themselves because it would be quite obvious by speaking to them. Intelligence is not always creative and deep thought is not always the sole territory of the learned. Just look at these people today who call themselves so intellectual. They are theoretical to beat the band, but as far as implementation goes, they try to remove or ignore the obstructions to their quote/unquote, master plan, rather than deal with these.

      The illuminati of yesturday are the same type of people as those who are pushing their theories today. The only difference is that they have several hundred years of scientific shenanigans to hide behind and inflated egos in which to keep it.


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