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Seven Wonders of the Industrial World

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    Seven Wonders of the Industrial World

    Did anyone else catch this? I'm not sure if it is on Netflix yet. Its an old show that I just caught on reruns, but I have to say it held my interest. Its about the building of seven great Industrial wonders, from the Bell Rock Lighthouse to the Hoover Dam, filmed in a docu-drama style with recreations of the time. I'm not really doing it justice but the musical score in particular really makes it stand out. I will admit to looking up the British narration soundtrack for the British engineering deats and the American one for the US developments. It just fits better.

    I thought the stand out episode was the Bell Rock Lighthouse. It makes it clear how much Robert Stevenson's Christian faith was tested during the building, and the urgent need to save lives at sea from what was then an absolutely lethal hazard.

    I saw this as well. My adopted son and I were really touched by some scenes here. We are, in fact, looking for a DVD or Blu-ray sale of these episodes as a whole. Does anyone know if they have been released for sale to the general public, or perhaps online somewhere?
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