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The NFL Draft is a Waste of Time

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  • The NFL Draft is a Waste of Time

    I have a number of friends who, among other events, look forward to the NFL draft every year. I just cannot fathom how they put any kind of importance on this useless event. The reason I say this is when you look at the history of it and those who have been drafted you will find that the overall majority of the players that are picked either don't end up playing for the team that picked them, or they don't make it through preseason only to wait on whether or not another team will pick them up. Sure you do have some major players who will actually play for the teams that picked them, but that is pretty much reserved for those players that are picked within the first couple/few rounds.

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    Honestly, the draft is just a cash cow. After the first three rounds, it's a crap-shoot. The players are going to sign with the teams that like them. But I guess everything has to have an order of which how they go about their business. I tend to quit watching after the first three rounds. But for some people, it's a big deal. There are super fans out there that will drop $5000 on front row seats like its no big thing.

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      The NFL draft is apples and oranges, who knows how a player will turn out. Tom Brady was a 6th round draft pick, Terrell Davis was undrafted, so was Tony Romo. The NFL draft is more about money and sponsors. I equate the NFL draft to the slave trade where the top slaves were picked and got top billing.
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