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Movie Alert: The Third Man today on TCM at 3:30pm, Eastern

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    Movie Alert: The Third Man today on TCM at 3:30pm, Eastern

    One of the great films of all time, "The Third Man" is on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) this afternoon at 3:30 pm Eastern Time. If you've never see it you're in for a treat, (in my humble opinion!). If you enjoy Film Noir, then for sure you will not want to miss it. One of the things the film is famous for is its score, written and performed by Anton Karas, which featured only the zither.

    Here's the feature tune from the movie, called the Harry Lime Theme. Just try to resist listening to it more than once!

    Here's a trailer from the film giving a flavor of the Orson Welles - Joseph Cotton thriller set in glamorous, ravaged, post-war Vienna. Directed by Sir Carol Reed, many critics have deemed it the greatest British film ever made. Joseph Cotten is the American innocent, arriving in Vienna at his elusive friend Harry Lime's invitation. But then, where's Harry?

    So many brilliant scenes, but if you watch the film, note the one in the bombed-out amusement park, where Orson Welles takes Joseph Cotten on the ferris wheel "up to the mountain top", so to speak, and surveys the world. In doing so he reveals his own chillingly nihilistic philosophy, and also the moral chasm between the old friends....

    The musical score is hypnotic and very old world European, weaving in and out of the action.

    Anyway, here's a clip:


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