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    I know it is weird but it is true. There is a movie, a series actually, called Lucifer. The first time I heard about it I told myself that the world was coming to an end. However, after reading a preview online about the movie, I realised that it had nothing to do with end times or even religion. It is an investigative movie. We, however, have the main character being immortal, has the ability to hypnotise others and purports to be the devil. Basically, the plot is that he comes to earth and sets up a bar. He is overwhelmed by the earthly joys and is not willing to go back to hell. He starts to help a detective in her investigative duties. At the end of the day, he falls in love and becomes mortal. I like to think that the producers wanted a title that would raise eyebrows, leading to a greater audience. Would you watch such a movie?

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    I've never even heard of this movie before but the plot sounds like they wanted to humanize and justify the idea of evil. I personally think that the idea of someone who was once bad, can become good is kind of hopeful. Like, a lot of people out there who are sinners can be saved when they find His love. According to the title, we are speaking about the devil here but still, it's an interesting idea to me.

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      The title would be an instant turn-Off Not a turn-on. I wouldn't bother with it. The Biblical reality is that Lucifer lost his standing in heaven as the most beautiful angel. He became satan and will eventually end up in lake of fire and won't be going anywhere. Since the movie has Lucifer ending up in a bar, it's kind of fitting. It's the alcohol that people consume that ruins lives, causes accidents, the abuse that happens as a result of. Of course he wouldn't want to go back to hell. And to make a good movie -- there is the romantic part.
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