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    Best scene ever from Episode 7. Anyone planning to see Rogue One?

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    I've seen it. I'm not going to spoil it, but it was fantastic. It is not just me that thinks that, since the local cinema still has sell out screenings every 15 minutes during the day, even at this time of year. The only slight weakspot was one CGI character, where an actor was unavoidable absent. Believe me, if you have an eye open for that sort of thing, you'll know it when you see it. It is interesting to see 30 years of backstory replaced, but the original story was in the comics and they couldn't have told it on film without copyright problems.


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      I enjoyed Rogue One but I think I enjoyed The Force Awakens more. TFA has more memorable characters and propels the "main" storyline forward, while Rogue One is kind of a footnote to A New Hope.

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        I'm finally going to get to see it later today or tomorrow (Dv). I'll let you know what I think, but son and his friends, as well my senior pastor's sons (he has 7 altogether :)) thought it was the best Star Wars ever.
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          I think Star Wars fans will find more to appreciate than casual moviegoers. I won't spoil them, but lots of Easter Eggs, nods, callbacks, cameos, etc. Old locations from A New Hope meticulously recreated that look exactly the same forty years ago. I definitely had my share of geek out moments.
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