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God's Not Dead 2014

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    God's Not Dead 2014

    This movie is a Christian Drama film about a Christian student who must prove God's existence or else his professor will fail him. I just saw this one when I was looking for Christian movies but I'm not sure if it's any good. Has anyone of you have watched this movie? What can you say about it? I've also seen the other one, God's not dead 2 and still don't know if I'll be watching it or not. What are your thoughts about this movie?

    I have seen the first one. It is alright as those movies go. The student does make a great point toward the end. And, of course, there is a moment toward the end that brings everything full circle for the professor. There is also a cameo made by the band The Newsboys (who sang the theme song).

    It is interesting to see the arguments the student puts forth in support of God's existence. It is definitely worth a viewing. I may end up seeing the second one eventually.

      I thought it was good

        I thought the ending was a joke, the call received on the cellphone. A film that tried to show a rational and intellectual defense of Christianity went full Charismatic at the end.

        God bless,

          Here is a review of the movie from Answers in Genesis.

          God’s Not Dead Movie Review | Answers in Genesis

          I have seen the movie and I agree with the opinions expressed in the review.
          Clyde Herrin's Blog

            I thought Gods Not Dead the first one was a 6 on the scale of 10 being the best. Gods Not Dead 2 I give it a 8. I really enjoyed it. My wife and I both liked it, and we have bought both movies. We have shared it with our adult children and their families and they also liked the second one best.

            The story is more true to lie than many would think, and where we live this basic theme has really happened. Teachers and higher education professors are being fired and discriminated against for their faith in Christ. The movie was correct as in Texas one mayor did require pastors to give copies of their sermons. This is a wake up to reality movie. There are some spots where is was a little corny, like the kids all lined outside the school and court house shouting.

            The quality and performance of the film were equal to non Christian movies. The Christian film industry has come a very long way is making quality movies. There are now a good number of Christian movies coming out on a regular basis now and that is really good IMO.

            I do not think there are any theaters showing Gods Not Dead 2 now. But it is worth buying and adding to your collection of Christian movies.

              Thank you all for giving me a heads up about the film. I was really planning to watch it and checked some of the reviews in IMDB but I can't just base on their reviews since I've seen a lot of movies that are good yet they gave bad reviews about it, and some movies that aren't worth watching yet they gave it an 7 or 8. Sometimes they give misleading reviews that's why it's still better to ask someone who have watched the movie to know more if it's worth watching or a waste of time. I think I'm gonna watch this movie then :)
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