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To calm down a girl

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  • To calm down a girl

    Telling a girl to calm down works about as well as trying to baptize a cat.

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    It works better to start asking probing questions to try and defuse the situation. Questions like: "Why are you being a psycho right now?"

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      Only one option: run and hide. :P

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        Just let her vent her anger and listen, she will manage calm down on her own, and most of the time she will apologize afterwards.

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          Yes, it is better that listen to her and let her calm down by taking out her whole anger. Then ask her to be patient and relax. She would say sorry to you for this. If you will be angry at the same time then things will get more critical.

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            Women are more emotional then men, so it's far better to just listen to her and consult her, after she has calm down she'll be more relaxed.

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              It is important to handle a woman before she get mad with anger. If she is going to get mad with anger then you would have to face a lot of problems that you never faced before. She is ever yelling at you then you should ask her to calm down but say it with love. It will calm her down.

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                Love is the important factor to asks someone to be in a calm state of mind. If you found a girl in anger then you should behave to her in a nice way otherwise she could be more rash or angry. When you see a girl being so rude then ask her to calm down as it does not suit her to be so angry and she looks beautiful when she smiles.
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