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Ali Baba -language

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    Ali Baba -language

    Originally posted by slippy View Post
    In my view every little dot and yod has a precise meaning in the Hebrew text, which I could not find in my Greek trials.

    "Could you start a thread on the LXX and explain your Genesis 1 discovery?

    FYI, Genesis 1 was written in a pictographic language not the neo-Babalonian script that passes for Hebrew today. And, technically, Jesus said, " ἰῶτα... κεραία", which on the face of is a reference to Greek. Not "dot and yod", but the Greek letter Iota, I, and the Greek word for little horn, an apex of a Greek letter as easily as of a Hebrew letter."

    This is just for fun, you made me laugh!! Well, a thread to talk about a pictographic Ali Baba -language and about the Orientalist who may have heard it in oral form from a Middle Eastern story-teller from Aleppo.

    You just made it match with all these special names and places :)

    No offence, just for fun.
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