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The Abomination, 666, the Antichrist etc.

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  • The Abomination, 666, the Antichrist etc.

    We are in the end days and the time that Scripture will be fulfilled. We are living in the time that Daniel and the book of Revelation speaks of. The abomination has occurred and the Antichrist revealed. The problem most people will have with this is the fact that it does not point at anyone or anything outside of the church.The finger is firmly pointed at those God chose Himself and it is also those same people that He requires to make amends. The greatest deceit is always where it is the least expected.

    For a better understanding of what is happening today I would ask you to read "The Truth Revealed" it is a free book that will not cost you anything financially. I left the church after 30 years of struggling to make sense of it and spent two years writing this book with fasting, daily prayer and constant study of Scripture. You can download the book for free and after checking the contents read the parts that interest you.

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      There are some popular movements that are always seeking to reveal who is the antichrist and various versions of the mark of the beast 666. Many of them I will not subscribe to because they seem to want to promote some form of technology as the tool for the mark of the beast and people that they don't seem to tolerate as the antichrist. Men may warn of these events because the Bible warned about them but it's unwise to keep on finding various versions of the antichrist and the mark of the beast. It's also futile for us to seek to predict the time of the armageddon because "we knoweth not the hour" what we should be focusing on is living our lives as God prescribed that we should.

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        I don't subscribe to this modern insular "Christianity" that tells people to concentrate on themselves as that just leads to people waving their arms around once a week singing a few songs and soaking up sermons about much God loves them and nothing else. Nor do I subscribe to the idea that God doesn't want us to know things like who the Antichrist is or to understand what the Abomination is. I have no interest in opinions or theories, the book is entitled "The Truth Revealed" as the truth is exactly what it reveals.

        Luke 8:17
        17 For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.
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          Link has been removed. I do not recommend anyone follow this quack. We also do not allow "SELF" Promotion.

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