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Science Fiction

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    Science Fiction

    Any Science Fiction fans out there?

    Many years ago I was an avid reader of Sciene Fiction - the old styles greats like Isaac Asimov & Ray Bradbury. Then I ran out of good stuff and started reading rubbish and lost interest. Then it seemed Science Fiction turned into Science Fantasy with magic & spells. The only ones I read were Terry Pratchett's Discworld series and Anne McCarffrey's Pern series.

    Just recently I've come back to the genre and found the "Wool" series by Hugh Howey (Wool, Shift & Dust). Brilliant, I found them gripping, just like the old times.

    Another one that was good is 'Proxima' by Stephen Baxter. Not as good as 'Wool' (IMO) but a good read. There is sequel (Ultima) but I haven't read yet.

    Anybody read these, and if so what did you think of them?

    Any suggestions for other good classic type Sci-Fi?

    I'm not a reader, but I like sci-fi moving+talking pictures, especially those that don't replace the story with special effects.
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