Perfectionism is the reason why I struggled with my faith

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  • Perfectionism is the reason why I struggled with my faith

    I do admit I struggled with my faith because of the way my parents raised me due to all the strict rules they have. It gave me this fear that I will burn in hell because I am not perfect enough. I mean there are things I can't give up just to be perfect. I mean there are times I missed going to church because of my job's schedule or I got sick. Growing up I do admit of lying because it saved me from a lot of trouble. I do have a lot of imperfections as a Christian and that gave me a lot of sleepless nights because I always have this fear that I will burn in hell. I mean perfectionist Christians basically want me to give up everything like my career, passions, hopes and dreams just to be this perfect Christian. No matter how hard I tried, I realized I will never be perfect. I will always sin no matter what.

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    Thanks for sharing that.
    That must have been an extremely heavy burden to bear for so many years. I too went through something like. It was like drinking spiritual toxin.

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      I share your sentiments Sparky. To this day, I sometimes begin to lean on my own understanding and performance rather than trusting in the Lord. The Lord's atonement and propitiation are greater than any of our sins. Sometimes I have to really repeat that to myself when I seriously mess up.

      God bless,

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        I'm glad to hear that you have become in peace with the fact that you will sin and that you are not perfect, none is, and no can nor will they ever succeed in such matter. I hope you learn from your parent's mistakes and raise your children in a different way.

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          You must give up worldly hopes and dreams to be a Christian. To have a stake in this world is to serve two masters, and the servant of two masters is a servant of neither. It is important to know that to "be perfect" and to be a "perfect Christian" cannot at all be synonymous, for a Christian is one who follows Christ, and if one were perfect he would be Christ's equal, and one cannot follow another of equal worth; otherwise we might as well just follow each other. It is not true that one will always sin, for in John 8:11 Jesus tells the woman "Go, and sin no more."
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