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    I too don't usually take my kids to Church with me. The reason being that they don't keep quiet in the Church. I have to take them out and be with them. This way even I am not able to attend the Church. Yes, when I take my son to the Church alone, then it is better. He keeps quiet. But, its very difficult to take both of them to Church. Maybe, after my daughter has also grown up a bit, then I will take both of them to Church with me. I want to take them both to Church with me.

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      Leaving the kids at home while going to church is not biblical, even in the history of bible, there is no any good people of God that did such a thing
      I pray that God will teach your wife the way she train her kids in the way of God

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        If you leave your kids behind you will not find it easy to bring them up in a christian way. The Bible says you teach your children when they are young and they shall remember when they grow up. Make sure you wake them up early, take them to Sunday school. You may have to be late for the service but eventually it will prove to be worth it.

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          I think going to church and leaving a child alone at home is a bit of irresponsibility.

          I'm sorry to be so frank, but surely God won't mind seeing a family arrive late (but complete) at a mass because the mother was waiting for her child.

          Try to talk to her better and explain the situation.

          God bless you all.

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            I remember when we were little, my parents used to bring me to church because my grandparents did that with them too. And now, I bring my own family to church. I think it's good practice to teach children this, as well as reading the bible to them and praying together.

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              This is a somewhat complicated issue. Some people may contend that you should not force your child into religion, therefore, If they would not wish to go to church then you should not seek to force them to do so. Compare this to them having to go to school, the law practically forces them to do so. Wanting the child to go to church is it that you are exposing them to something unwholesome? Children have a duty to honor their parent's wishes as long as it's not something unwholesome or detrimental to them. Ensuring that their children accompany them to church is not necessarily forcing them into religion, it may be just the opportunity for the child to be able to evaluate and the concept and be more informed on choosing a path of their own.

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                As you stated it would be more convenient for your family to wait for your daughter to become older then you can take her to church as well. Leaving children at home unattended is quite irresponsible since they are a priority as well.
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