Finding a New Church-The Bad, the Worst, and the Maybe okay Churches

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    Finding a New Church-The Bad, the Worst, and the Maybe okay Churches

    I just moved to a new city a couple months ago and have been bouncing around trying to find a new church. I don't believe in first impresisons so I try to give each church two weeks. The first one wasn't bad but I would always be late trying to go to the eight o'clock. It was a cute small church but I was acutely aware that I was an outsider and that everyone else had grown up in this church. The pastor was good but a little old school with a hail and brimstone style that reminds me of the churches in Nebraska. So after two weeks, I couldn't shake the unwelcome feeling so I went to another.

    The second church was way bigger with a thousand seats on the ground floor and a second floor, the stage had three huge screens to get a close up of the pastor talking and the singers. The music was fun and they had a later service that would allow me to come on time. It was going great up to the point the pastor started talking. Money, money, money, like an O'jays song or Trump's Theme song. Out of the thirty minutes he spoke, twenty five minutes went to telling us the church needs $550 from each of us, yes, they gave exact number. The last five was the most insincere prayer for something and more money. I was so disappointed, I really like the people and the environment so I went a second time. Same thing, different background music to go with it. I was so disappointed.

    So I've been bouncing around trying to find a new church and can't seem to find a fit, At this rate I'm running out of churches, I might have to turn Catholic. Have you ever struggled to find a new church? Any advice? I don't know anyone here, so I haven't really been able to ask and everyone loves their church.

    You will never find a perfect church. You need to find a church which follows the Bible faithfully. You might need to accept minor differences of opinion that don't affect major doctrines.
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      I think that the best thing to do would be to attend a couple of services in different churches, and talk to as many people as you can about the church whilst you're there. Doing this means that you could get a feel for the place yourself, and you would then be able to see whether you felt as though it was a place that you would be able to fit into or not. I don't think that the "perfect church" exists, because there will always be things going on that you're not too sure about, but as long as you have done your research and spoken to people you should find that you are able to find a church that would suit you and your needs very well indeed.

        Every church has its short comings, while they also have their strengths. Mine happens to have a rare problem where one of our strengths can also be a short coming. I attend a rather small church. Everyone knows one another, and when we have visitors it is obvious and there is generally a flock of people going to talk to them after the service. This kind of thing can either scare people off, or make them feel really welcome, depending on their disposition.

        One thing I think we do really well is not include the monetary part of being a member in the worship service, meaning we do not take a collection during the service. We have a box in the back people are able to put their offering/tithe on Sunday, or there is the ability to just send money directly to the church office, which is what we do through our bank account once a month while maintaining our budget.

        The biggest thing, as mentioned by theophilus, is to make sure the church preaches the full counsel of God, nothing is added and nothing is taken away. The sermons should not be a motivational speech, or an elaborate ad campaign to promote some ministry or another.

        I am not sure what your preference is concerning how the worship service goes, but as long as the focus is on worshipping God and giving Him the glory you should be good, but if it is more of a rock concert to make you "feel good," then you should probably steer clear.

        Keep posting your findings as you go through your search and we can certainly keep you in our prayers to find the right church in your area.

        Something else to consider is to look up a churches website before visiting, that way you have a little bit more knowledge going in.
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