What does Lutheran Evangelism look like?

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    What does Lutheran Evangelism look like?

    Sorry, I know this is a stupid question.
    Someone on CARM asked it and I responded "Probably like any other evangelism."

    He said that he had never seen Lutherans evangelizing in his area and knew their (your) service was different from many other denominations.
    (I can't disagree with that, Lutherans are definitely a High Church in my experience rather than a Low Church like Pentecostals. You can feel the reverential awe when you enter the building. A Pentecostal service is more like arriving for a celebration. It just is what it is.)

    So I figured the fastest way to get a definitive answer was to ask the Lutherans that I know ... that would be you all.
    So what does your Lutheran Church do for local evangelism? Something corporate? Individual 'gossiping the Gospel'?
    I'd love to hear about it.

    Thanks for your time.

    Local Evangelism is both individual and corporate. We are called to proclaim the Gospel by the way we live our lives and our churches do have outreach programs like Vacation Bible School and Rally Sunday in which we enhance our visibility to the community. Usually, we're at our best when we greet visitors and try to excite their interest in the ministries we have to offer.
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