A day in the life of a CofE vicar

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  • A day in the life of a CofE vicar

    Something I saw online that I thought might be interesting. A Yorkshire vicar has written a book about moving to his parish and his years there, and the article features an exerpt from his interview and first day. It seems pretty normal to me, but it is likely to be different enough to the US system (he had to be interviewed by the Lord of the Manor - in 1997, not 1897.) that it might be an interesting look at the faith and the way it is practiced.

    The full book is "Shepherd of Another Flock" by David Wilbourne, and it is on Kindle and Amazon. (WIlliam, sorry I don't know how to embed an affiliate link that will credit the boards). I've linked the article below.
    David Wilbourne (pictured) was tipped for the post of vicar of Helmsley, a market town in North Yorkshire, and has described the process as being the 'most surreal job interview ever'.
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