The Truth About Hitler - Planned to Slaughter Christians

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  • The Truth About Hitler - Planned to Slaughter Christians

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    Hitler was a horrible human being. I've read that he was abused as a child, but he operated as a man that didn't believe in God or in the morality of good vs bad. Who knows what the world would look like right now if he was successful in taking over Russia and the UK.

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      That's a great video, thanks for sharing.

      I think it is time historians took another look at the holocaust and begin to rewrite history. There are millions of forgotten victims of holocaust, which were mainly Christians. However they have not had any central mouthpiece or organization that has stood up for their memory, as the Jews have. While it is commendable what the Jews have done to educate about the Holocaust, it is incomplete information which results in ignorance of the true holocaust.

      Hitler wanted to take over all of Poland as living space for Germany. He killed all the intelligent class in Poland (politicians, scholars, Church leaders, etc.) and wanted to Germanize the country. He did not discriminate in who he killed. I believe in as many Jews were killed, an equal number of Christians were killed too. There is a whole unwritten story, one that you may hear from word of mouth by survivors, but has not been properly documented.

      Here is a link to some further reading info:

      Overlooked Millions: Non-Jewish Victims of the Holocaust
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