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    [SIZE=16px][FONT=trebuchet ms]The video is fairly good. The qualms that Martin Luther and his associates felt are very likely accurately reported and I do not doubt that some (or many) within Catholicism at the time of Luther had a view about justification and sanctification that was confused and confusing. Do you think that the video is accurate and helpful? Does it describe your view of the matters it covers?[/FONT][/SIZE]

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      I haven't had time yet to listen to the video. I'm just catching up after being away.

      However I have a book (called The Catholic Reformation) by Henri Daniel-Rops which is very interesting. he writes that there was already a "grass roots" movement calling for reform well before Luther. Cardinal Ximenes was a great advocate of reform in Spain. He died in 1517 (the date of Luther's 95 theses) at an old age (over 80)
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