The birth of Christ.

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  • The birth of Christ.

    I prayed for a long period of time [several years], asking for the understanding of what took place, when The Lord of Hosts, 'took on flesh'. God explained to me, the following;

    The Lord of Hosts was not changed, in any way, when He took on flesh. He still remained as He is/was begotten in the express image of The Lord God Almighty. There is only ONE ANSWER, as to what took place, when The Holy Ghost, 'came upon Mary'. The Holy Ghost implanted The Lord of Hosts in Mary, as an 'embryo/fetus'. The Lord of Hosts, 'was in' this embryo/fetus. None of the physical characteristics of Mary, had any effect, on Jesus, as Son of Man. When Philip asked Christ to 'show them [the disciples] the Father [The Lord God Almighty...The Father of ALL CREATION], Jesus told Philip, "If you see me, you see The Father." When I saw Jesus standing on the right hand of The Lord God Almighty in the clouds, in my vision, they were identical in appearance [young men in their early thirties]. This also leads me to believe, that Christ began His teachings, when He had matured to the age, when He looked exactly like Himself as Lord of Hosts. This all makes sense. He also had to be crucified before He matured to the point, where He aged as a human being, beyond His appearance, as Lord of Hosts.
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