Tactical Distractions

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    Tactical Distractions

    It became painfully clear the first time my wife and I collaborated on a writing project that procrastination was going to be a major obstacle. Her role was to edit my work and keep me on schedule; my role seemed to be to drive her crazy. Most times, her organization and patience outlasted my resistance to deadlines and direction.

    I promised to have a certain amount of writing done by the end of one day. For the first hour, I plugged away diligently. Satisfied with what I accomplished so far, I decided to take a break. Before I knew it, my time was up. In trouble for sure, I thought of a way out. I set about doing a couple of chores with my wife despised and which always netted me praise when I did them.

    My plan failed.

    I sometimes play the same games with God. He brings specific people into my life He wants me to serve or tasks He wants me to accomplish. Like Jonah, who went another way when God gave Him an assignment (Jonah 4:2), I need to set aside my own feelings. I often try to impress God with good deeds or spiritual activity when what He really wants is obedience to His priorities. Inevitably, my plan fails.

    Are you dodging duties God makes clear He wants you to tackle? Trust me: Real contentment comes from doing it in His strength and in His way.
    -Randy Kilgore

    I just found this really relevant especially with all the modern distractions from social media, friends, work, and all the things that take up time in my life. Even unintentionally, I would find myself making excuses not to do a daily reading of the bible or make a space for just God. It's really important to reset your mind and prioritize the important things in your life.

    Distractions come up daily in life. I don't think you can avoid it. You can't just simply shut off the distractions from everywhere else and focus on your life completely. You have to get distracted every now and again to be able to refresh your mind and let your body relax a bit. And as they say, everything in moderation, as too much distraction would also lead you astray, and you would never get anything done. For me at my work, I give myself times during the day to take a break, because a stressed mind is a useless one, and a stressed mind often leads to mistakes. As long as you are regulating work and free time, I don't see why you should indulge yourself with a break once in a while.

      It easy these days to get distracted. There are a lot of things to be done and at the end of the day you'll feel like if you had more time maybe you could have done a lot more. But that's what the devil wants us to think. There's 12 hours a day for humans to do everything they can and 12 hours which they have for resting. If God comes first then in the morning after we get up that would be the right time to read the bible [and pray]. And at the end of the day we should also spend some time with God. Or we could like Daniel talk to God no less than three times a day. Daniel was quite a busy man, wasn't he?
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