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The worst rulers

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    The worst rulers

    Israel had some very good kings, such as David, Hezekiah, and Josiah. She also had some very bad kings. The worst was Manasseh, whose story is found in 2 Chronicles 33. He was the son of Hezekiah, who had destroyed the false gods the people worshiped and restored the worship of the true God.

    Manasseh began his reign by attempting to undo the good his father had accomplished.

    And he did what was evil in the sight of the LORD, according to the abominations of the nations whom the LORD drove out before the people of Israel. For he rebuilt the high places that his father Hezekiah had broken down, and he erected altars to the Baals, and made Asheroth, and worshiped all the host of heaven and served them. And he built altars in the house of the LORD, of which the LORD had said, “In Jerusalem shall my name be forever.” And he built altars for all the host of heaven in the two courts of the house of the LORD. And he burned his sons as an offering in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom, and used fortune-telling and omens and sorcery, and dealt with mediums and with necromancers. He did much evil in the sight of the LORD, provoking him to anger.

    2 Chronicles 33:2-6 ESV

    He ignored the warnings God gave him and suffered the penalty.

    The LORD spoke to Manasseh and to his people, but they paid no attention. Therefore the LORD brought upon them the commanders of the army of the king of Assyria, who captured Manasseh with hooks and bound him with chains of bronze and brought him to Babylon.

    2 Chronicles 33:10-11 ESV

    But then he did something none of the other evil kings had done.

    And when he was in distress, he entreated the favor of the LORD his God and humbled himself greatly before the God of his fathers. He prayed to him, and God was moved by his entreaty and heard his plea and brought him again to Jerusalem into his kingdom. Then Manasseh knew that the LORD was God.

    2 Chronicles 33:12-13 ESV

    The genuineness of his conversion is shown by the things he did after he was restored.

    Afterward he built an outer wall for the city of David west of Gihon, in the valley, and for the entrance into the Fish Gate, and carried it around Ophel, and raised it to a very great height. He also put commanders of the army in all the fortified cities in Judah. And he took away the foreign gods and the idol from the house of the LORD, and all the altars that he had built on the mountain of the house of the LORD and in Jerusalem, and he threw them outside of the city. He also restored the altar of the LORD and offered on it sacrifices of peace offerings and of thanksgiving, and he commanded Judah to serve the LORD, the God of Israel.

    2 Chronicles 33:14-16 ESV

    Several of the kings of Israel started out obeying God and later turned away from him. Manasseh was the only one who started out doing evil and became good. Sometimes God shows his power by saving those who appear to be beyond any hope of redemption.

    Today Barack Obama is President of the United States. In my opinion he is the worst President we have ever had and has done more harm than any of his predecessors.

    Christians are commanded to pray for our rulers.

    First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.

    1 Timothy 2:1-2

    We need to pray that God will save President Obama just as he saved King Manasseh. If he can save the worst king of Israel he can certainly save the worst President of the United States.
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    Enjoyed reading your post Theo,

    Reminded me of a quote from John Calvin:

    "When God wants to judge a nation, He gives them wicked rulers."
    There's a great article you may want to take a peek at to compliment your write up:

    Does God appoint evil leaders?

    God bless,

      Originally posted by William View Post
      Reminded me of a quote from John Calvin:

      "When God wants to judge a nation, He gives them wicked rulers."

      That is a great quote. Here's another by Joseph de Maistre:

      Every nation gets the government it deserves.
      I often hear the deplorable conditions of 3rd-world countries blamed on their "dictators". But, poor countries are poor because the people want free stuff from the government (socialism), among other reasons why the people make their countries poor. They have those dictators because that's what they deserve.

      Here's a quote from the Apostle Paul:

      And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.
      Because our nation does not see fit to acknowledge God, God is turning us over to a debased mind, such as we see in SSM.
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